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Company Introduction

Company introduction

Aluminum Foil Pans Manufacturer

YOUFOIL manufactures smoothwall and wrinklewall aluminum foil container that are used extensively throughout the food industry. YOUFOIL was established in 2010 to disrupt and redefine the aluminum foil container industry. As the the most advanced technolog aluminum foil container producer in the China, we have an production capacity to produce over 0.5 billion products annually. We supply many major food producers and retail brands, as well as to wholesaler and distributor markets worldwide, including Central & Northern Europe, Asia, North & South America.
YOUFOIL has another brand, LIKEE, which is a leader in providing the most advanced aluminum foil container automation equipment for customers around the world. LIKEE's aluminum foil container automation equipment can realize the efficient production of machine operation by one person, and LIKEE can design and produce almost all smoothwall and wrinklewall aluminum foil container moulds by itself, representing the top level of the industry. LIKEE's products are sold to more than 50 countries around the world. Because of the supply advantages of LIKEE's equipment and molds, YOUFOIL can realize rapid mold customization and ensure the production of the highest quality products to meet customers' requirements for customized and fast delivery of new products in the market!

YOUFOIL Young, innovative and determined to provide a real packaging alternative, Over the years, the company has lead the industry, broken the mould and delivered innovation through product design and manufacturing automation, delighting their customer base with service excellence.
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No.780 Xinlin Road, Zhelin Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China 
About us
We YOUFOIL is a professional manufacturer of Aluminum Foil Containers. We can supply a wide rage of aluminum foil containers, specially for American styles. We YOUFOIL is funded in 2010 initially specializing in the design & manufacturing about aluminum foil food container making machine and aluminum foil container moulds.​​​​​​​
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