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High appearance level and environmentally friendly baking foil box

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Many girls like to eat dessert, especially for the high level of appearance of the dessert is more resistant, such as beautiful packaging cake, a variety of cartoon shape pudding cups, delicious wood bran cups, tiramisu cups and so on. So what are the main aspects of baking aluminum foil boxes?
(1) Various cake shops, dessert shops, etc.; Because aluminum foil has good oil and waterproof performance, it is very suitable for baking cakes, generally our cakes are added butter and other oily substances, making the cake better, if the ordinary paper cup to package, the paper cup will ooze out, is the consumer experience is very bad, then with our baking aluminum foil box will avoid this problem.

(2) Baking desserts at home; When we like to bake at home and enjoy the process of making cakes, aluminum foil lunch boxes are a great choice. In order to eat more at ease, we will be very careful in the selection of materials, in addition to ingredients, we must use baking aluminum foil boxes when using high temperature appliances such as ovens, because the characteristics of aluminum foil high temperature resistance will not release any harmful substances when subjected to high temperature, so that we can eat at ease.


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