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The Best BBQ Recipes for Your Spring BBQ

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Are you ready to try out the best bbq recipes for your spring bbq? We are! These recipes are going to make you remember how much you love spring and all of the delicious foods that come with it.

It is time to head outside, pull the cover off of your grill, brush it off, fire it up and start grilling!




· Main ingredients: acidized triangle meat 2.5KG.
· Seasoning: Large salt 20g.
· Preparation: Cut the beef into 7cm thick, put on the iron bar, put a little salt on the surface, and roast it on the fire for 10 to 20 minutes.
· Features: smoky, salty, fresh, tender and delicious.
· Steps: After defrosting the sour frozen beef, use a western knife to segment and grow the length of the beef as the standard, and the width is about 6 cm. Then divide 4 pieces and wear them into a semicircular circle with a iron bar, and sprinkle 20G of salt on them. Pay attention to the evenly spread method, and then roast them in the fire
The temperature is around 350 degrees.

Garlic steak


· Main ingredients: acidized triangle meat 2.5KG.
· Seasoning: 20g salt, 60g garlic oil.
· Characteristics: Strong garlic salty umami bright color and delicious.
· Steps: After thawing the beef, use a western knife to cut it into 5-7mm thickness, the width of which is the standard of beef width. Then use a skewer to put a little salt and garlic oil on it, and roast it for 2 minutes at 400 degrees.

grilled bacon


· Main ingredient: Smoked Pork Belly 2.5KG.
· Seasoning: 80g garlic rice, 60g onion, 10g white wine, 15g chili powder, a little salt.
· Preparation: Cut the chicken into a rectangle of 7cm thick and 2.5cm thick. Pour the same proportion of seasoning into the smoke and pork belly. Put it on the medium heat and rotate it for 5 to 10 minutes.
· Features: Dense smoke, five delicious flavors.

roasted chicken drumsticks


· Ingredients: 1 chicken leg.
· Ingredients: salt, crushed French fragrance, lemon juice.
· Practice: 1. Boneless chicken leg spread evenly and sprinkle with appropriate amount of salt.

2. Place the drumsticks on the grill when the coals are at medium heat. 

3. When the drumsticks are sizzling, sprinkle with lemon juice and grated French spice until cooked on both sides.

baked potato


· Apply butter, cream or cooking oil to the surface of the potato and wrap it in heavy aluminum foil. Cover the oven and roast over medium heat for about one and a half hours, turning occasionally to evenly heat all parts. Before serving, you can make an "X" shaped slit in the part, according to the person likes to add salt, pepper, butter, cheese, onion and other seasonings, baked potatoes will taste different.


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