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Microwave Oven Using Tips

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Do you know the precautions of using a microwave oven? 

1. Do not heat for too long. Microwave ovens use high frequency heating, which is very fast. If it is heated for too long, food will dry out, harden and even produce toxins. Therefore, when using, to control the microwave oven heating time.
2. Do not microwave ordinary plastic containers or plastic bags. Ordinary plastic containers, plastic bags do not withstand high temperature, heating is easy to deformation. What's more, it may release toxic substances at high temperatures and harm health. So use microwave oven heating must use microwave oven special container. For example, we can use aluminum foil containers dedicated to microwave food.
3. Don't heat fried foods. High temperature will make oil splash, may produce open flame, fire. If accidentally caused a fire in the furnace, do not open the door immediately, should first turn off the power, must wait for the fire out before opening the door.
4. Don't use metal utensils. Microwave ovens work by using electromagnetic waves to emit energy to heat food, and electromagnetic waves react with metal to block the electromagnetic waves outside the metal ware, and the microwave oven cannot heat the food inside the metal ware.
5. Do not refrigerate raw meat defrosted in the microwave. When meat is defrosted in the microwave, it has actually heated the outside to a low temperature at which bacteria can thrive. Even if refreezing stops bacterial reproduction, it does not kill live bacteria. Remember to thaw meat in the microwave until it is well done if it is to be refrigerated.
6. Don't use closed containers. Once closed containers are used, explosions may occur. Containers with air holes should be used. Even for food with shells, the shells should be pierced with chopsticks first, or the lid should not be covered.
7. Do not heat food wrapped in plastic wrap. At high temperatures, the plastic wrap can undergo chemical changes, releasing toxic substances and endangering health.
8. Don't put anything on the microwave. The top of the microwave oven is provided with an air outlet, if it is covered by other items, it will lead to its internal aging due to high temperature, and may occur short circuit.


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