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Aluminum Foil Container is how to Protect the Environment

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Aluminum is highly recyclable and reproducible, and can be used for endless recycling system. Its damage to quality is relatively limited, and it can maintain its original characteristics. Recycled aluminum can be used to manufacture many product volumes. The electric energy required by the aluminum foil recycling process is only less than 5% of the electric energy required by the original aluminum production and the consumption of air pollutants is 95% less than that of the original ecological aluminum. Aluminum foil fast food box after application can be freely reduced, easy to express sorting, and reduce the amount of waste.

After some applications, aluminum foil fast food boxes and containers are likely to be used to carry out waste incineration power generation. Aluminum foil, even if buried, will not pollute the soil and water. At the present stage, the purchase value of plastic meal boxes, especially polyurethane foam plastic meal boxes, is low, the utilization rate is not high, the acquisition situation is not ideal, many of them lead to serious "white garbage", harm the city appearance and natural scenery, but also cause "potential harm" to the ecological environment protection due to the insoluble. Therefore, in recent years, the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto,Big cities such as SAN Jose, Toronto and Paris have already banned items such as foaming cutlery and water bowls.

Compared with other resources, the resource reserves of aluminum are rich and colorful, the recycling amount of waste aluminum continues to increase, and the resource weaknesses are small. Aluminum foil container is very thin and light, the thickness is mostly 0.009-0.03mm, the net weight is only more than 10, very few materials, is a high packaging products. If aluminum foil lunch box manufacturers can use and promote aluminum foil fast food boxes and containers, they can replace plastic and paper packaging products, save coal resources, wood and other resource consumption, improve resource efficiency, and improve the ecological environment.

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