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A cooperation and retail success story

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YOUFOIL is a premier China based manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, affordable aluminum foil products, including pans, containers, rolls and sheets. The company has been consistently building a reputation for providing exceptional products and outstanding service.


In 2019, with customers in the wholesale and retail sectors, YOUFOIL found itself growing beyond the international market. Success brought challenges.


“We’re on our way to becoming an international recognized brand, and that means we have to be prepared to meet the needs of America’s biggest retailers,” says Yao, CEO, YOUFOIL. “Our goal is to seize the growth opportunities, provide the very best aluminum products on the market, and deliver unparalleled customer service.”


Yao and his team quickly realized that the white wood pallets they used with lots of shops international the best platform for the larger retailers. As YOUFOIL began exploring options, retail prospects suggested CHEP. Yao was excited about the sustainable benefits of CHEP’s pooled (shared and reused) business model, but concerned that a company of CHEP’s size and scope wouldn’t be flexible enough to meet the needs of her small business.


“I was concerned that the price point and minimum order quantity would be too high, but that wasn’t the case at all,” Yao says. “the CHEP representative who came out to meet with us, immediately said, ‘We have so many ways to work with you,’ and then explained all about leasing and the daily rental options.”


With a customized and cost-efficient rental plan,YOUFOIL expects to use 5,000 CHEP pallets annually – and that’s just to start. As they’re finding out, the respected blue pallets do more than move aluminum foil products: They open doors.


“As we try to get into bigger retailers, there’s always an initial discussion regarding their pallet requirements,” Yao says. “When we tell them we use CHEP, it removes that constraint and moves the discussion forward. CHEP gives my customers peace of mind so we can talk about things beyond pallets.”


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