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6 Tips for Using Aluminum Foil Lunch Box in Microwave Oven

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1. The container must be filled with food. 

Risk of burning if not filled. 

2. Remove the foil cover at any time, otherwise the food will not be heated. 

If the food must be covered, use a plate or microwave to glue the film. 

3.Always remember that metals and metals should not touch each other. 

The container should not touch the wall, door or bottom of the furnace, nor any other metal parts. Otherwise, the electric arc may cause damage to the microwave oven. Also, don't use plates with gold and silver trim. 

4. Aluminum foil container always keep 2 cm away from the furnace wall, or keep away from other aluminum foil containers.

Such as: aluminum foil container can be placed on a porcelain dish. 

5. Increase cooking and heating time by about 10%. 

As food absorbs microwaves from above. 

6. Do not use bent or damaged aluminum foil containers, do not reuse aluminum foil containers. 

Please refresh and recycle after cleaning.


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